How to Remove a Badge on Polywork

Because sometimes you gotta do a work around!

If you got overzealous with the badge selection, or accidentally selected one, you need a way to clean that up.

First, click the “Show More” button, and then the “Edit” button under the badges section.

Once you click the “Edit” button, your badge selection menu will pop up.

A pop up from Polywork of badges chosen by @grem. Listed is “Dark Mode Enthusiast”, “Neurodivergent”, “Mental Health”, and “Software Engineering”.
Dark Mode ftw

Scroll to the top of the selection menu and click “Add New Badge”.

A pop up menu for badge selection in Polywork. The top button says “Add new badge”.

This should bring you to a menu of badges to choose from. Your currently selected badges will be filled in with color, and have a checkmark in the top right corner.

A menu for selected badges on Polywork. Multiple are listed. “Software Engineering” is selected.

To remove the badge, click a selected badge, and then hit the “Add” button at the bottom.

The same image as previous, but “Software Engineering” is no longer selected.
get outta here

After you click the “Add” button, you’ll be brought back to the previous menu. Scroll through your list, and you’ll see your updated badges.

A list of badges selected on Polywork in the “Edit Badges” menu. Now listed are “Big Fan of Sleeping”, “Dark Mode Enthusiast”, “Neurodivergent”, and “Mental Health”. “Software Engineering” has been removed.
bada boom

Hope this helps!




Software engineer turned technical writer and autistic as heck. (she/they) @jessica_schalz

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Jess Schalz

Jess Schalz

Software engineer turned technical writer and autistic as heck. (she/they) @jessica_schalz

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